Aimee Martin, Best Selling Author  

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Forever Grateful

Book Two in the Lake Shores Series

In the second story of the Lake Shores Series, we catch up with Alex Lambert and Melanie Moore... a sailor and a Hollywood executive.  Two very opposite people who desperately want to find a middle ground where they can come together.

Where Forever Home was more loving and sweet, Forever Grateful brings about some of the terrors that happen to people, Christian or not, every day and the struggles they go through in trying to move past them.  Both Melanie and Alex try to work through their pasts with help from others each other and as well as alone. 

Grateful will be due out in early 2015!  Exact release TBA... Stay tuned!

Warning: This book is much more intense than the first but still focuses on finding faith and love.  It is suggested that you go into this story with an open heart and an open mind.