Aimee Martin, Best Selling Author  

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Aimee Martin is a best selling Inspirational Romance Author who broke into the scene of self-publishing in mid 2014 and has already sold thousands of copies of her debut novel across the globe. 

When setting out to begin this journey, writing in the romance genre was an easy decision to make.  However, she didn't want to portray the Christians in her novels as perfect people because that is far from the way of the world.  Instead, her stories break the barrier of  'robotic Christian romance characters' and instead show them as real people with real problems who struggle to maintain their beliefs.

With a healthy dose of life, faith and, of course, romance, Martin's novels will make you feel like you are living life with the characters and sharing their experiences right along side with them.

Primarily a stay-at-home mother of three  and housewife, Martin spends her spare time dreaming of the characters in her next novel.  When she's not writing, she enjoys all the extra time with her family and animals in the Texas Hill Country.  She loves hearing from her readers so don't be shy and feel free to connect with her!